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      Have you seen a baby:

  • Too small to hold their Baby bottle?
  • Throw their baby bottle or sippy cup?
  • Cry because they're hungry?

      Has it been while:

  • You Are Driving?
  • You Pushed Them In their stroller?
  • You were Cooking, doing laundry, dishes etc?

How helpful would it be if you had a dependable trustworthy extra arm that you could always rely upon to be there whenever you needed to safely hold your child's Baby Bottle or Sippy Cup while feeding?

The "Universal Baby Bottle Holder" by Mothers 3rd Arm is designed to Help Parents who must "multitask" by:

1. Keeping their eyes & attention on the road so they don’t get into accidents;
2. Feeding twins, triplet, quadruplets etc at the same time;
3. Handling older or younger children who need care in other ways;

4. Cleaning home, washing cloths, cooking and other household duties;

5. Taking a relaxing, or more intense, exercise power-walks with stroller;

6. Social or other outings with other parents of other children, spouse or other; and,

7. Any situation where your child needs to have access to their food or stay hydrated so you can be free to attend to other things and reduce overall stress and anxiety about whether they need more water, juice, milk or food.


Featured on:

Mother's 3rd Arm has been nationally broadcasted on NBC TODAY Show  segment thebump.com, as being 1 of 5 children products "that really work" in 2011. It is 1 of the 10 winning inventors in the New Product Hunt co-sponsored by Inventors’ Digest magazine, the United Inventors Association, the Academy of Applied Science and Proctor & Gamble. It has been aired on the Home Shopping Network, NBC Today Show (TheBump.com) and other media product shows.

How does it work?

This baby bottle holder can safely and securely hold most sized baby bottles, Sippy cups, snack cups and more. It attaches to any stroller, highchair and that's right, Car Seats!!


A description of how Baby Bottle Holder by Mothers 3rd Arm works


This Baby Bottle Holder actually can be positioned in any posture since the arm itself can be moved 360 degrees and the cup holder also rotates 360 degrees.


It Holds Its Own Weight


Mother's 3rd Arm weighs one pound, yet it can hold 2 or 3 comfortably. This is particularly important when it comes to the safety of the child. You cerainly do not want anything around your child's face which can come lose or otherwise fall upon them. The bottle holder arm itself has a gentle velvet exterior yet a sturdy flexible interior ensuring the arm always remain soft to the childs touch and remain firm in the position you place it. It stays fixed even while you drive!


Toxic-Free Materials

Intentional action has been taken during every phase of manufacturing to ensure that all components of Mother's 3rd Arm are free of chemicals known to be harmful to children, including but not limited to, BPA, Phthalate, PVC and lead. We also manufacture basic 3-in-one Bottle, Sippy Cup & Cup which is also toxic free. We recommend using cross-cut nipples on your baby bottle to prevent dripping. Its always important to not leave the child unattended during any feeding, whether with Mother's 3rd Arm or any type of feeding.

A Bottle Holder That Grows With Your Child

The flexible arm can have many attachments allowing it to be used and reused over and over as your child grows. The Baby Bottle Holder naturally becomes your childs Sippy Cup Holder then becomes their drinking cup holder which at any time can convert into a craft caddy for them to hold pencils, paint brushes, bubble juice and more. When you think that was enough, it travels anywhere your child goes, either on land, air or sea and as teenagers it becomes a holder that attaches to their bicycle for their beverages or iPod.  And of cause we cannot let the younger and older adults down. The MTA converts into cell phone holder while you drive, water bottle holder, wine bottle holder, book and iPad holder along with many other items.

"Universal Bottle Holder" is patented and its trademark name is Mother's 3rd Arm.

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Client Testimonial

“I just had to write a note to tell you how great the Mother's 3rd arm is. Everyone has heard the Mother's old saying, “I wish I had a third arm.” Well, now we can! [have one] With 5, 3 and 1 year olds, I can use all the help I can get.It's great!

Char McNeil, Salt Lake City Utah

“It is the most wonderful baby product that I have ever purchased .I have bought all of my friends' one, and they love it as well. Thanks for the wonderful invention!”

Sandra subotich, South Lyon, Michigan

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